No 44 500 years »Leipzig Disputation«

Sun 16th June 2019  »  5:00 pm
Theme day on the »Leipzig Disputation«

A. Brumel: Missa »Et ecce terrae motus«

– J. Walter: Ein neues Lied wir heben an – Maistre Jhan: Te Lutherum damnamus – Anonymus: Nun treiben wir den Papst heraus – S. Mahu: Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott – Anonymus: Te Deum laudamus – Anonymus: Dein Heiligkeit verfluchet ist – S. Zirler: Ich will fürhin gut päpstlich sein – M. Praetorius: Erhalt uns, Herr, bei deinem Wort / deiner Wurst – N. Gombert: Agnus Dei III, aus: Missa Tempore paschali

Anna Kellnhofer (soprano), Isabel Schicketanz (soprano) • Calmus Ensemble Leipzig: Anja Pöche (soprano), Stefan Kahle (contratenor), Tobias Pöche (tenor), Ludwig Böhme (baritone), Manuel Helmeke (bass) • amarcord: Wolfram Lattke (tenor), Robert Pohlers (tenor), Frank Ozimek (baritone), Daniel Knauft (bass), Holger Krause (bass)

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Exactly 500 years ago a disputation lasting some three weeks was held between the Catholic theologian Johannes Eck and the reformers Martin Luther, Andreas Karlstadt and Philipp Melanchthon. This exchange of theological arguments organised by the university, which led to Luther’s definitive split from Rome, has gone down in history as the »Leipzig Disputation«. In the opening church service of the debate on 27 June, the choristers of St. Thomas’ Church under the direction of their cantor Georg Rhau sang a twelve-part missa, probably Antoine Brumel’s »Et ecce terrae motus«. The Leipzig vocal ensembles Calmus and amarcord will be reproducing this grandiose musical show on the anniversary of the event and indulging in a musical disputation – with a variety of songs of homage and satire on Luther and the pope. The theme day is complemented by events in the exhibition »DENK + MAL MAL Luther Melanchthon« in Neues Rathaus.